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desiii Rating
I just found this and I'M IN LOVE. I love how sweet the top is, i love kind and manly tops. Also this is kinda an omegaverse, but at the same time it's not. It seems very good and i'm liking their dynamics already!!!
reyji Rating
This is a good manga, I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends! The smut is unexpectedly hot and goes from 0-100 Real Quick, but in a good way. The plot is pretty good too, has a little sprinkle of everything, like it's cute and sweet, but also has some angst for story conflict so it's not boring. I haven't seen this type of story setting on Renta! before, but I'm glad I followed my curiosity and checked it out! Definitely recommend this manga. ?
MetheMe Rating
Love it, it's cute and hothot too.
M Rating
I like the art style sometime, the size difference is a bit much though.
narcissus Rating
Quite literally one of my favourite romance mangas of all time and reread CONSTANTLY. pacing and tension is incredible, the art style is so unique. the sex scenes are sublime. the way they ache and pine for each other despite being together, I mean i could go on and on. not many mangas make me froth at the mouth waiting for the next update but this one…. this one makes me feral.
Fluffy Rating
Very cute.
jellybelly Rating
They're Sooo cute. And Kamiya's just a sweetheart.I'm only on the first ch. But the rest will hopefully live up to it's hype.
Nemi Rating
I don't usually buy BL but this one ???? a great steal
Cressellia Rating
It's very dubious concent, but I do love how sincere this author makes the characters. Seriously, the pining in this series is so intense I got embarrassed for them! But that very same pining makes any amount of spicy scene all that much more intense!
Kaptones Rating
I'm so on for the drama and the plot. The art style is my kind of favorite work. Plus. Kami-san is a MAN I would love to be the protagonist next to. 4 stars because.. I feel like this is definitely a one shot, short issue. It's fine! But the world setting and character development has good potential if it was a bigger/longer series. I would pay for more if it meant a continuous storyline for these two. Love, love it! The mood is great, too. Some of it comedy, seriousness, and a bit slice-of-life-ish.
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