User Reviews For: The Princess Everyone Hates is the Beast King's Favorite -The Poison Princess's Life is Reset and then She Finds Love-


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Cressellia Rating
I love that the Princess comes into her own before we get the main romance! But I'm so frustrated at the cliffhanger! I need more!!
Yume Rating
Already a favorite of mine. I love the MC for venturing out into the world after having been sheltered and learning about herself. I'm excited for more.
SpikeBerry Rating
A story of finding self worth & romance. I love it already.
Raii1003 Rating
Super fun read, her back story was nice too. Can't wait for more chapters to come out
LovelyDevil Rating
This was so good!!!!I can't wait for the next volume ????
Angelfox7 Rating
Honestly super cute!!! Good story line!! Can't wait for more!!!