User Reviews For: I'm Being Used as a Toy by the One I Hate!


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Makintosh96 Rating
Sooo so good! Loving this so far - anxiously waiting for chapter 5, but loving where this is going so far! The art is great, the story is interesting and the characters are both likeable! Definitely worth renting in my opinion! X
EerieBarbarian Rating
This is so good. The banter is funny and the steamy scenes are super hot. It's sweet and sexy and everything that I want to read on repeat.
H00Tyhoo Rating
This is so fun and sexy! I love the art style, and the dynamic between the main couple is funny and charming. It's easy to read, the pages are well designed and not crowded, which is something I appreciate… I don't like having to squint to read porn, haha. Also, I love the way the author draws expressions; their faces made the sexy scenes even sexier.
TyposGalore Rating
There are a lot of typos and typesetting errors in this title, from a random 'vit' instead of 'it' to one speech bubble where 'Huh?!' has been flipped. In chapter 6, the main love interest's name becomes 'Tohgo' after five chapters where the character's name is standardised as 'Togo'. All of this adds up to throw the reader out of the story unexpectedly over the course of reading. I've noticed typos and errors in other Renta titles before, and I'm usually willing to let one or two slide on the basis of human error, but it felt really egregious for this title and that's really disappointing for a paid product.
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