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EerieBarbarian Rating
I tried to keep an open mind after reading the other review, but it was difficult. I read a lot of dub/con and non/con and I still found this to be kind of awkward and uncomfortable. It rushes through and time jumps so it's hard to track. And with everything taking place at school it's pretty cringe. On a positive note, the art is pretty good.
ailsogi Rating
It's pretty cruel to see some of the sense I would love to see more of the involvement Of the other guy I would like more off the sweet side of the other character & the main Dom to be aggressive but not in a abusive Way he makes the situation pretty scary &Unpleasant I feel bad for the sub .
Shuflypie Rating
Know what you're getting into!
Elijah Rating
Your standard non-con domverse, the entire first chapter is the Dom consistently and routinely abusing him in a school setting against his consent and of course with an undercurrent of blackmail as you would expect. That's a big no from me.Also it looks like he's gonna be one of the three some? Nah
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