User Reviews For: Boys, Love and Plants [Plus Digital - Only Bonus]


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MioAkiyama Rating
Can you be my little brother's lover? After Midori heard this from his crush, his heart shattered from being all exclusive with him. But as time goes by the "pretend love" developed into something really warm and fuzzy. Like the two brother's mom, I'm exactly like her. I'm a fan of the ukes.Oh yes there's 2 stories in it, both brothers get their happy ending !!!
CuteCherry Rating
I'd give it more than five stars if I could. The main four characters are so cute and the stories are great. The relationships are good too, and there's plenty of hot smut. The art is impressive too - I couldn't recommend it more
Byzantene Rating
omg, absolutely loved this manga!! Totally recommend to anyone in the mood for romantic comedy, lovey-dovey couples, and Ikuyasu-sensei's world-famous H-scenes~ I'll definitely be rereading this gem of a BL lots in the future, it's just a really silly, sweet, sexy read. Love it!