User Reviews For: SHOCK! My Favorite Online Beauty Streamer Showed Up at My Work, and What Happened Next...


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LetMeIn Rating
I was pleasantly surprised, the story was somehow more than what I had expected! The two are so adorable together, and I like the way author brings into question some of the stereotypes that guys who wear makeup or are interested in makeup have to face. Also the way both of their thoughts are portrayed makes the reader empathize with them more easily and makes the characters feel more real. The fan is such a cute and clumsy puppy-type that I want one for myself! <3
SleepyJellyfish Rating
Really love the representation for male make up reviewers and interest in general, like when I go to a store I don't care if the attendant is elderly, male, female, or a child as long as they know their stuff. The couple is so cute I love the slow burn romances!