User Reviews For: Your Saint Is In Another Country -One State's Loss Is Another State's Gain- [VertiComix]


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Ddanikai Rating
Short but cute ? looking forward to her HEA, and the happy NEVER after for her previous fiancée and that sorceress lady
Labj143 Rating
The story is simple. The art is pretty though. The plot is fine but the writing lacks substance. So it's hard to get attached to characters. You don't get much depth in the MC or other characters. For example, the MC is in a new place, but she not only moves on emotionally instantly, she also doesn't struggle with a new environment. Little things like how a change in diet or getting used to be people affects a person makes a character to feel more real. But there's none of that.
ChikiKitty Rating
I adore this so far! Her previous country was absolute trash but things are definitely looking up for her. It's so cute and I hope this becomes a nice long series
FaeMagpie Rating
I am enjoying it so far! It's a little basic but I'm looking forward to seeing what the author does with the potential this has, as I am four chapters in and I plan to read more.
Lynn Rating
The chapters are short. However it's really cute and I'm looking forward to more.
Mommaweeb Rating
I am so excited for next chapter my goodness just a page turner can't wait to see what happens next with the saint and to see what becomes of her new home and her previous one as well I'd love to see it in ruin lol but also can't wait to see this new one flourish I hope she turns out to be extra blessed to this land because for once she's happy and has people truly believe in her.
Theo Rating
This is definitely a different take that draws you in on a story of a saint who's taken advantage of, mistreated by the people till she's forced to find those who'd treat her properly and appreciate what she does.
theakaneko Rating
This story keeps me coming back for more... Can't wait to see what happens next on the way to her well deserved (and well thanked!) HEA, as well as watching what happens to those awful people who exiled her getting their just rewards.Great art, plenty of drama and excitement, and makes you feel good.
Bunnipop Rating
The art style is lovely and I'm already enjoying the dynamic between the saint and the king of her new country. I'm curious to see how much change she can cause in a short time.
CopperWitch1970 Rating
I know that the chapters are short, but they are packed with vital information for that chapter. Plus, I love how Licia is so willing to use her powers for those in need. And they appreciate her for being so selfless, that her old country needs to take notes from them.