User Reviews For: Second Time's the Charm


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freshleaf Rating
I wasn't sure what to expect when I read this but this was really good!! Though spoiler (warning?) there's a 4P in one of the chapters which included the two mains and I wasn't too fond of that hm… but overall the pacing, the storyline, the art and the characters are all really good!!! It's nice to see a top like Jin and watching how their feelings for each other developed/grew. I was just going to rent it to try but after renting the first chapter I bought all of the title immediately. Such a good story!!!
lilithrvn Rating
Absolutely delightful! Its just the right amount of emotional involvement and leaves you with a happy moment of bliss.
Kukaramakara Rating
TopxTop!!! I wasn't expecting the tension between this two guys and all the development their relationship took, it's a slow passionate burn!! 100% recommended
han111 Rating
I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!! The tension between the two main characters is delectable and the fluff is amazinggggg. This series has a little bit of everything and I hope there's more from the author!!