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boarhandles Rating
There are a lot of manga about lingerie, but this is definitely my favorite one. Both of the characters have depth and many facets, real fears and anxieties?but they're super hot, too! The art is fantastic, very expressive, I love the banter between them, and they kinky af, haha. The smut is really steamy, and the story flows well. I really like this author and look forward to future works!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Sumire and Shuji are both soooooo cute and hot asf together. Seriously loved how different they were but still complimented each other as well. I loved how into each other they were!!!! It was cute and sexy and primal all mixed together. The story is really interesting and kept me engaged the entire time. The art and execution is amazing!!! They're likable. You're rooting for them. Gah!!! One of my favorites and so glad it's on Renta!!! Would definitely recommend 10/10!!!
Labyrinth Rating
I came for the smut but could not stop reading due to how cute their relationship was! There was very few smut centric stories like this where I actually gush over the interactions of the main pair, they're there for one thing and that's it. However I'd totally read a story about these two even without any sexy times involved, they're just that lovable! The smut scenes were really good too to the point that there was zero frustration with the fact that they hadn't gone all the way yet. Great read, ended my night on a good note.
Missa Rating
I love the relationship between these two. Anticipating more chapters to see how things blossom
Reader Rating
I loved this! I would love to see it printed in a tankobon.