User Reviews For: The Sheikh's Contract Bride Brothers of Bha'khar II


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nohface Rating
i love how the prince determined the 2, it was proof of love that he loved her for her and not her appearance
1ch1me Rating
Adina and Alina are identical twins and one of them is betrothed to the Crown Prince of Bha'khar, which is Adina. Adina told Alina that she fell in love with someone and are already dating, so Alina disguised as her and went to Bha'kar to break the marriage down. She managed, but was really nervous if Malik had figured it out. She told Malik to call her Beth, since it's her middle name. He didn't figure out that it was Alina. Alina was nervous, though. Afterwards, they met again and talked about the wedding. While Beth was talking about things, he wondered what's on her mind. He thought it was interesting how the Adina from a picture he saw differs from the Beth in front of him. He then thought of something that would prove himself to her that he's truly worthy to become her future husband! Anyways, I suggest you read this to know what he exactly did to prove himself to her! Great ending! Both story and artwork are really great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
i am a sucker for a sheikh story, it wasnt good that sisters switched but it worked out great, i like this manga, curious about what happening regarding with switching, come and read
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