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1ch1me Rating
Hilary Wosworth, 23 years old, is finally free from her over-protective mother. Well, her mom started to act like that when her father died. She now lives alone? That's what she thought, but a man came in the next morning. She thought it was a suspicious man, but he's not because he, Shaun Cochran, also signed a contract like she did. Read the preview to see what went wrong. Well, they decided to live together until the Greer couple are back in 6 weeks time. At first, they just don't get along together, but unexpectedly got along as times passed by. Getting along also lead them into more than friends relationship!? Anyways, you'll see how they got intimate with each other and to also find out how these two suit each other so much. Thanks to the Greer couple, they met each other in "The Apartment", they sure know how to play cupids. Overall, it was a really good story and a great artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! The ending was so sweet! I definitely recommend it!
Majala Rating
Sweet but it never really seems to get going
chicobaby04 Rating
its good that they were able to compromise even though errors werent their fault, but i will admit the girl is little bit uptight though, i love the part where the girl were having a performance i thought it was hilarious that he admitted everything to her mother unknowing lol
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