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1ch1me Rating
Natasha Lumbert is way to late to attend her best friend Isabel Dia's engagement party! Who would've have thought that the party was held at an estate that looks like a haunted house! When she arrived, she felt someone watching her, but it's not a ghost, it was a frowning man wearing black suit. If you read the preview, though, you'll see how the man is so cautious, he threw Natasha's phone thinking it would explode! That was pretty funny! The man is actually the owner, he is the friend of Dominic, Izzy's groom, his name is Kajim Al Salak. Anyways, if you read this, you'll see how the interior of the house is so different from the exterior, see how cute these two interacts with each other. You'll also see how she reacted when Izzy told Natasha that Kajim Al Salak is a Sheikh/Prince of the Salak Kingdom. Lastly, discover why Kajim acted like that at first, and also discover Natasha's bitter experiences from her past! Great story and artwork, so I rate 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
Majala Rating
Strong female character, a little bit too Cinderella but funny as well as romantic
chicobaby04 Rating
as usual sheikh types of manga is my favorites, best man and maid of honor sure got off on wrong foot and its kinda natashas fault for assuming and deciding before knowing the fact, there were a twist plot down the road now kaji need to protect natasha as well whats going to happen? will love be born during that time? curious? come read
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