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Majala Rating
Loved it - the sweetest of stories. Probably a little obvious in terms of misunderstandings .... but thank goodness, no unplanned pregnancies or other typucal clich辿... I thought both characters were wonderful and sincerely enjoyed this one had a little more originality. Heartwarming!
1ch1me Rating
When I read the synopsis, I thought that this'll be an interesting story, and it really is! The story goes like this; Kathryn is about to get married to Douglas, but then she heard something about him. She went to talk to her father about how she's having second thoughts, but he told her that she's just nervous. She then decided to run away. While trying to run away, she tripped on someone's foot. He's Jonah Clarke, son of the mansion's gardener. Jonah calls her Katie Mae Campbell, but she seems to hate that name. He asked why she's there when she should be in the middle of her wedding. He was about to call her father, but she told him that she'll pay him money, if he helps her, but said he'll pass since he's actually a...? However, they he still helped her since he actually...? Anyways, you'll see what happened to these two on their escape when you read it! I'm so happy that I got to read it! I really enjoyed reading it! Story and artwork were great! I definitely recommend it!
lovemekyoya Rating
Wat a backwards relationship just like the title states having the homeymoon then the wedding lol loved it read it a couples times well
chicobaby04 Rating
kate decided to run off with a son of the gardener before her wedding, with an offer he could not refuse, there were few obstacles to come over during the journey, what happens? come and read and find out
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