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chicobaby04 Rating
shaikh stories are my favorite, this isnt my favorite but its cool story, its about girl a secretary who made a wedding with a nonexistent groom in hope to get her sister and her bf back together but she did not expect the real groom shows up to the wedding to her shocking, she backed out to talk to her boss who she claimed shes marrying, and after explaining the situation the groom offered to do it and also she is to be pretending as his wife when they goes to his homeland, will she accept the condition? will they fall in love with each other? will they remain married or will they divorce afterward? curious come and read
Majala Rating
I love sheikh stories but this one was formulaic ... not the worst read and beautiful artwork but it does not stand out as one of the best. Still worth a read.
1ch1me Rating
This one got me to read it because it's one of Sagara Kyoko's illustrations, but this one is of course a different story from the others. It's just like the synopsis stated, it's a fake wedding, but the catch is that the groom was not suppose to be at the wedding! So how did Rita Thompson's boss, Sheikh Sakir Al-Nayhalm is there, who was supposedly just a fake name she used as her partner? Well, in Sakir's case, he needed her to accompany him as his wife because he's going back to his homeland of Emand for 3 weeks. Before they went to Emand, he promise to not lay a finger on her. Well, what I can say is that Sakir really....... Oops, that's all I could type about this story, but it's better when you read it yourself because I could say that it's a really sweet story! This story might have started in a fake wedding, but you'll see how things ended, and I'm pretty sure you'll love it too, like I did! Artwork and story were really great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
lovemekyoya Rating
Fake wedding real love .........never use your boss name just as a part of a plan u never know when he will actually hear about it and she up.......awww the real love
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