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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Art is decent. Story of a woman who has given up on love and since being dumped has also stopped putting in any effort on her appearance. Not trying to say that being beautiful equals being loved, but if you feel good you want to look good and act positive all around. The boss' son ruffles her feathers and they're off to a rocky start. In order to show him that his words about her being an ugly B are wrong, she goes in 110% on makeover mode all for the sake of the company's matchmaking party. I like a good push n pull in my romance stories and this had just a lil bit of that. It's too short to get a true understanding on both characters, especially the male lead. Want more to be honest, but a HFN is given. Cute, quick read that I've read many times since purchasing.
HorseObsessed Rating
Very cute. FL gets crushed by her ex dirtbag boyfriend, her boss's son picks up the peices. I think it ended pretty well, maybe a jump to see what happens with them.?
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