User Reviews For: Town Fertility


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anne23 Rating
Not really understand this storyline and its not really great but i try to understand the whole story.
Pyokohan Rating
Very hard core so if that's not your thing, stay away! Otherwise, smooth sailing
frozen Rating
very straight forward and too the point, it's ok to read but not great
Cushiediva Rating
Terrible storyline - everyone in her village has lost their mind apparently and the heroine ends up with the wrong guy at the end imo. The drawing is subpar too
Vegal88 Rating
Avrei dato anche meno. Terribile. Storia inesistente, solo scene di violenza sessuale... poi lei alla fine si innamora di uno dei auoi aguzzini. Una follia pura.
SaiyanWolfGirl Rating
Decent story but ends kind of sudden.
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