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1ch1me Rating
As the synopsis had stated, it is what exactly it is. I read it because I was interested on what exactly happened between them and I did not regret reading it because it was a really good story for a Love Manga. Their love story started in a different route but when you read it and see for yourself what exactly happened between the very handsome boss and Takahashi during the bus trip, then I suggest you read this Love Manga. They had some cute moments together, except for the erotic parts. Anyways, for the ending, I totally approve it, it was good! Planning to read it? Then you must "read it at your own risk" since it is a Love Manga! 5 stars for both the great artwork and great story! I recommend it!
MenaOk Rating
This is one of the better spicy love mangas on this site. While there is a heavy emphasis on sex, the mangaka didn't neglect the romance of the story. I love the part where he carried her to the top of the shrine, it is very sweet. The art is also very pleasant to look at. It's kinda sad that this is only a one-shot because I would love to read a continuation of this story.
Nyanko Rating
This one doesn't have the best art, is too short, and the story is just ridiculous, but I find I like it nonetheless. Why? Because it's so ridiculous and over the top it just pulled me along for the ride. The tone is light-hearted and silly and the side characters (notably, the tour workers) seem to be having a lot of fun, it's easy to ignore the deficits in the story. What tends to bring the story down is its insistence in pushing a romance, when it would've been more effective in keeping to the playful tone. Overall, a fun read that's great if you come in with no expectations.
Poisonpink Rating
It's a good story although it's short but it had quite a few hot and steamy scenes that make you fall for the handsome boss =) The story had a good ending and I like the art too! Definitely worth the tickets~
Himeka Rating
This is definitely one of the best love mangas I've ever read. The story is so cute and nice. I really demand a sequel for this one. This is a must read for everyone especially those who seeks a story with a love between employees.
Hyorin Rating
Funny adorable ans sexual! ^^ this was totally worth reading
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