User Reviews For: The Island of No Return: Trial by Lust


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sakueva Rating
I guess this would be one of the best ending I've read? Haha, anyways this manga has awesome character development and storyline which I am always keen on. If you want a great read with some...exciting moments then this is the one for you. Another plus side, its a VERY nice read. Definitely recommended.
TrinaCasey Rating
That was totally worth the tokens. I does start off somewhat confusing and slow, keep reading this story it's well worth your time, with a heartwarming happy ending. Not much more can be said without spoiling a great story!
TENah88 Rating
Very good story and exciting to read. I recommend this to read.
HorseObsessed Rating
I agree with the previous reviewer, however the FMC decides to return to the island with the man she loves to end up being in the same situation her lover escaped from. They don't try to put a stop to how the island is run. It's a disappointment. I hope the author revisits this & finishes the story. I'd like to know what happens to the FMC & her lover, & his younger brother, & the inhabitants.
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