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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I didn't like this. The art is pretty, but this story lacks any substance. The characters had a lot of horrible things happen to them, but I feel like the author used that to make it seem like these characters were strong and capable individuals. I guess I could look at it that way, but it fell short nonetheless. It's harlequin, so everything is overdramatic and overdrawn and happens so quickly and that's what makes for good fantasy, but seriously I hated both characters. Damien was an @$$hat and the lead female (so boring I already forgot her name) falls in lust with him and after one time is in love with him? PULEASE! She was too weak, even for romance novel status. He can't forget her, but he still fools around with other women, gross! Not romantic at all. Why can't these guys be better written? Is philandering men used to make it appear more realistic? If this is a romance (adult women fantasy time), then make the leading men more swoon worthy! Sorry, I'm done ranting.
chicobaby04 Rating
funny how damien were searchng and always thinking about cleopatra and little did he know she is actually polly who he thought is a miss brown rat, its really good story i really like it i recommend this manga
oathbreaker1 Rating
What a excellent story. We have two people who are dealing with the loss of all there family members. One pushing everyone away the other one wanting to reach out but afraid. How do you create happiness out of sorrow that is a question that they answer with courage and hope.I enjoyed the artwork the story and the enduring human spirit. We can transform ourselves in our darkest moment to grasp happiness. This story has such a mixture of emotions that it have your interest from beginning to end.
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