User Reviews For: The Tycoon's Rebel Bride The Anetakis Tycoons II


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Noofar Rating
This story is just so beautiful! I think almost all women who will read this story will think the same I WISH THIS COULD HAPPEN TO ME AND WHY COULD I NOT FIND A PERSON LIKE THAT FOR ME! Believe me this story is wonderful and paced beautifully! Isabella and Theron what a couple of blasting chemistry! Isabella loved Theron for the longest time! she changed herself to be a feisty and ballsy girl to capture him! Theron what a gentleman true to his words and actions! He is very pure and down to earth man! I really mean it! What a story, art and chemistry! I highly recommend it for someone who wants to dream a beautiful one! hope you enjoy it :)
chicobaby04 Rating
theron appear to be cold guy at first but im glad he wasnt cold as i thought he was, its nice that they both fell in love with each other, i like this story
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