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PassionDevourer Rating
I think the story is rather cute. I'd love to see a sequel story just to know how the three of them manage to co-exist or even to explain how that game came to creation in the first place. Does Aoi have a conscience both inside and outside the game? Is he programmed to love our heroine, or did he decide that for himself out of the entire pool of people who own the game? What happens if he doesn't return? So many possibilities the story could take if it chose to continue exploring. I'd also love to have seen the characters fleshed out a little more (they were a little flat compared to what I prefer), and the abrupt ending to the first chapter leaves the impression that it could be continued if it wanted to be. At the same time however, I wished the ending could have felt a little more defined. If this is the only story to be, I'd rather it felt a little more like an end. Overall, definitely not a bad story to check out if you have the time.
Debonochica Rating
If you're looking for something cute and short, this is perfect. Probably won't read again so I suggest only doing the 48 hour rental.
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