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aoi Rating
Blessed or cursed with ambiguous psychic powers a small class struggles to cope with their powers and trauma in the wake of their friends violent death. Touko is afflicted with shojo-heroine sickness (Which tropes has decreed to be frailty and a bum ticker) while her friends are mute and confined to a wheelchair. But this is just the set-up for a sci-fi style conspiracy story.While the cover is not the best the art is decent, if old-fashioned, shojo style. Okano knows what she is doing and uses the space to good effect packing in a lot into the available space.Nothing here is particularly innovative but Okano provides a solid piece of shoujo mystery. It's somewhat nostalgic in tone for older fans of the genre.
HorseObsessed Rating
??This is a really good murder mystery. It's also a very sad story. I like it, if you like murder mysteries with a bit of a fantasy to it check this one out.??
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