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lovemekyoya Rating
I love the whole sixth sense that he had that helps him solve all his cases yay so awesome
HorseObsessed Rating
?The story was very intriguing, I would never have guessed the outcome! I Love this!?It's a Shojo/Yaoi, it gives you hints as to possible intimate relationship between the two MCs. I like how Andrew dodge's Seth's advances. It's refreshing to see the object of his affection not change (that doesn't happen much in the Manga I've read so far. You'll have to read this to find out what I mean.? The story was great, it really keeps you guessing, the author sends you in different directions. It's a really good who-done-it.?
aoi Rating
Psychic detective owing more than a little to Sherlock Holmes. (This includes some mild homoerotic subtext. YMMV)Andrew Drake receives psychic visions of events from the recent past but only if he has a connection, however terse, to the subject of the vision. Using this he works as a private detective along with his straight-man roommate Seth and a token mascot for exposition. The art is decent and the setup solid enough but it's yet to be seen if the writing can lift this series into something great.
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