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1ch1me Rating
Kirsten is really pretty even when Prince Shahir saw her crying face. She's still young, but is already working as a custodian at Prince Shahir's castle. Despite having to work, her father is so violent/cruel to her! I pity her everytime she gets scolded/lectured by her father. I understand why he is like that because of what happened between him and Kirsten's mother, but Kirsten is different from her mother, except how they have pretty face. He should not do that, instead he should just be kind to her since she is working at that age. Anyways, back to their love story, I love how he blushes when he looks how beautiful she is, I loved how he desperately ask Khalil to find her, because she disappeared after a misunderstanding. And I totally love the ending! The ending was one of those endings, that does not only end in marriage setting, etc, but a lot more than just that! The artwork and the story was amazing! 5 stars, so I definitely recommend it!
nohface Rating
everyone has a happy ending =] even princes best friend find love at first sight and marrys her and has a daughter =]
chicobaby04 Rating
im glad kristen were able to get away from control father and able to make life for herself. this story is a bit touching i really enjoyed reading this
bethelove Rating
Kirsten and Prince Shahir are two characters who would enjoy read here. Their is twirst and turn in this story but the romance is wonderful read here. It is most to read all together..
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