User Reviews For: At the Greek Tycoon's Bidding


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
OH my god what a crappy story. I thought that the premise was ok in the beginning. A cute and plucky girl trying to make it on a her own in the big city who just happens to get "rescued " by the handsome, powerful, rich boss. But there is like no romance whatsoever!!!! What?! They are both attracted to each other, but nothing comes of it, he even starts seeing his ex while pretending to be her fianc辿. I was not impressed and the art was so-so. Not my favorite story. I should've listened to Chicobaby's review.
chicobaby04 Rating
i dont know about you guys but this manga seems to be boring to me, not sure how to describe it. maybe because there is not enough development in romance i dont know this one is just blah to me or at least thats my opinion and artwork is so so, i think i will put up 2 star for their effort or something
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