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chicobaby04 Rating
what impressed me was the husband were willing to help supposedly wife despite the note capri left. who would have thought there was twist to it, curious? come and read, i recommend so
1ch1me Rating
For this harlequin manga, I was wondering why the title was "Wife to a Stranger": was it because she had an amnesia or is it because of something else. Anyways, as I read through the pages, I was thinking, "Ahhh, so it's like that!" So, if you had the same questions while reading the preview, then might as well go and read it till the end and I assure you, it was a really good story from the start to the time where things she forgot about were being revealed to the ending. For me, I was really happy about the ending! The artwork was good and the story was really good, so worth the 5 stars for me! I recommend it!
Weeb4Life Rating
Really intriguing story with a great twist (though since I've seen it in other stories I guessed it very quickly). Rolfe is such a considerate, caring and patient husband, the kind of man I wish I saw more of in Hq stories. Our poor leading lady is just as likeable, I really felt for her as she struggled with her amnesia, her worry every time she visited places and people she should know but couldn't remember, her unease as the more she learned about her past self, the more she realised that she might not be a good person after all. Capri's past life seems so empty and her relationships with friends and family so shallow, I can understand not wanting to accept such a life. My only gripes are that there's not enough HEA, especially after all the leads went through, and that after the twist the story forgets all about the side characters and doesn't elaborate on what happened to them and how they feel about the truth. Everything else is great though and I still loved reading this.
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