User Reviews For: The Darkest Prison Lords of the Underworld 3.5


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chicobaby04 Rating
this one is allright, i find that i like first 3 better rather than this one. maybe because it seems short. dont know. but its still somewhat good but not as good as others
flyflip87 Rating
OMG. Atlas and Nike, the god of power and the goddess of victory. Both are on opposite sides of a war between Olympians and the Titans. One is the prisoner the other is the warden, And yet somehow they fell in love with each other. However the love they once felt has turned bitter with the taste of betrayal. Now that the roles have been switched and Nike is now imprisoned, Atlas will have his revenge in any shape and form he wishes. Starting with carving his name in her skin. This is a Lover's-Revenge harlequin if I ever read one. Going from lovers, to hating each other and yet the fire still hasn't been completely blown out. Can Nike ever forgive Atlas for the sting of betrayal he caused her? I for one wasn't sure if this would be worth 6 tickets or not, but as I continued reading, it was soooooo worth it. If you liked this manga version, I suggest reading the whole series because it's even better with more hot, sad and happy moments between characters.
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