User Reviews For: Bound by the Kincaid Baby The Payback Affairs 2


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Noofar Rating
A very beautiful story. The main characters chemistry was amazing. My first impressions of the Kincaid family were that they were cold-hearted and emotionless BUT (ie thats a big but) I was so wrong with this impression! You have to read it to find out! Amazing art, storyline, characters and emotions. I loved how the author really made a great story of a very cliche genre! I highly recommend it! truly amazing (but teared away through some parts) :)
chicobaby04 Rating
its cruel of the father to push down the will on the children. but im glad mitch was able to come to love rhett. there was few misunderstanding between mitch and carly but im glad they overcome that.
1ch1me Rating
My first impression on the main guy was, "Wow, what an ungrateful guy to be "afraid" of a cute 1yr.old baby", I thought! But then, as I read through the pages, I understood why he acted that way because of what happened to him in the past! As for the main girl, she's so pretty and a very caring aunt to her nephew, Rhett! For their love story, I couldn't tell at first if they will come to love each other because of how they argue on things about Rhett. As time goes by, I could tell that he was starting to care for her and Rhett. Then they were about to get married, but... Well wanna know what happened? Then, you must read it! For me, I love how it ended! It made me smile! I rate it 5 stars for the awesome story and great artwork! I definitely recommend it!
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