User Reviews For: Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence


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kay4120 Rating
For the art I will give this story 1 star. For the plot it is 0. I did not like how things went so quick on the story line. Moreover, it felt like the heroine didn't have any pride knowing she was used by the prince. All she did was run off and then she quickly accepted his advances again. There were misunderstandings but she was too accepting to the point where it felt unreal. This may be a fictional story, however I believe it is important that characters should reflect our emotions better, and proper storyline in order for readers to really get into the story. Character development is poor and I regret that I rented this manga for 48 hours.
chicobaby04 Rating
its really interesting, great artwork, great storylinne, though there were lot of misunderstanding but i am glad they were able to clear all that up
frozen Rating
This story not only has the general love but it has so much more, it's the way they first meet its funny he gets jealous so fast but it's so good and so much more detailed then that, you find out that even thought they come from different backgrounds and have so much hardship to over come that the passion for each other is stronger, It's such a good read
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