User Reviews For: Jail Slave Honey -A Straight Salaryman Put Under House Arrest by a Jail-Breaking Brother in Law-


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himarin64 Rating
If you're in the mood for something that feels like a Japanese romance drama (i.e. love triangles, crimes of passion, backstabbing) but also happens to be a debauched yaoi sex romp, I'd definitely recommend this! Despite its stereotypical beginning (like a lot of smutty BL, the main character is forced against his will the first few times), there's more character development than I thought there would be and interestingly the story is partly set whilst on the lam, as well as in the lockup. The sex scenes are plentiful and Oushima-sensei's artwork is great. The ending left me a bit wanting, but only because the volume was so good I'm dying for a sequel! Basically if you can imagine a well-produced jail-themed Japanese GV in manga form this would be it, lol.
Ayala55 Rating
I liked the plot and the art was decent but the way things were worded was a huge mood killer to the point I couldn't enjoy the story. This was worse than just bad grammar, the verbage used would ruin a scene that could have been great if written with more care.
ebookrenta0vttw0arg Rating
I loved this one.
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