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chicobaby04 Rating
this is kinda boring in first volume but i kept reading anyway dont ask me why. but i am glad i did 2nd volume were getting better and better. its interesting. but not the best of the series. i like the one with umm not sure what the couple name was but the one where one of buragh supposedly to save her from dragon better than this one
flyflip87 Rating
I haven't even finished reading the whole thing, but I already love the two main characters. Opposites Attract! Honestly they chemistry between them reminds me of another book series of a family of mostly royal sons finding women who challenged and attracted them. The series is called The Dragon Kin Series by G.A. Aiken. Once you read this, I suggest you find the book called, "What A Dragon Should Know" it is very similar minus the Royals who just happen to be dragons.
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