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LemonMasochist Rating
Freaking great ass read right here, if you love oral sex in manga check this out and if you are into older women with younger guys check this out cause if you're into that then you'll probably like this. I just wish the boss gets a chance too. : )
LadyArie Rating
I admit the writing is good. But it was a very short read.The young lady let the boy into her life way to easily. Things happened, that she didn't want.Quickly to the next morning, her whole attitude was wrong. Made no sense to me.Do I want to see what happens next and how stupid she is. Yes, I do.
SunnySeng Rating
I love this. It's very exciting. Keeps the panties wet XD
lovemekyoya Rating
Awesome but just picking up a bit you don't kno and letting him stay in your house is just bad
ShyCutePinkVag Rating
This is really good, it's about a much older woman who falls in love with a much younger guy, I remember reading this with my other account but didn't get to complete it until now, this is my new account and I finally finished this manga, well I really would've like the main female character to end up with the boss since he is her age or at least sleep with him first before the younger guy because it kind of felt a little awkward. Especially when she didn't want the younger guy to call her "onii-chan" but it's facts that she is a lot older than him, so she couldn't change that. But it was a great read and I enjoyed it very much, especially the oral smex scene ~ which was my favorite smex scene in this manga^^ the other smex parts were also pretty hot as well ~
vmalette91 Rating
Loved this !!
ArriannaBlood Rating
Love this! Funny but sexy, great read and wonderfully drawn!Can't wait to read more!
tunana Rating
A little too short for my liking but the main character and male lead is really likeable. Plot-wise was okay, would have love to see it extended into further chapters.
Louise2109 Rating
The characters are likeable and can be related too. There is also emotion in the plot which I liked. I wish it was longer and went more into depth as it had a lot of potential.
jWillz95 Rating
I really Thought this was soooo cute
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