User Reviews For: The Stray Boy I Picked Up


4.6 out of 5

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lindyxima Rating
Haruna is cute. Always like cute and gentle guy like him
Ghada Rating
It's really awesome!!! I love it!
chocoberry Rating
The plot line is good and omg, the sexual tension these two have is amazing! woohoo!
beccah261990 Rating
I loved this manga. Wish i could have read more. The poor guy...the sweet lady... Its perfect.
Capitulate Rating
A cute story about a young woman named Yura whose good Samaritan ways land her the younger, good looking, and frisky Haruna for a house sitter. The cover is a good indicator as to just how racy this one gets. This is a good one for your Renta! bookshelf.
Guest Rating
It would be nice to see an update. This story is really sexy and the plot so mysterious.
frozen Rating
its so cute anyone who reads this may like it
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