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PeachRenta Rating
Beautiful story and art!It shows the struggle and process of getting over something painful and traumatic and how it would never take place if one does not put their foot out there first. I'm glad she met the right people to heal her wounds and continue growing.
chicobaby04 Rating
i am glad greg were able to get abby to move past carol's death and as well as getting jeb past his grudge. this is really touching story. artwork is great storyline is too but tragedy
oathbreaker1 Rating
This story is a lesson to everyone who thinks that none of us live forever things happen beyond your control even though your a doctor. That being the story of her understanding and learning that being a doctor is not only about your skills but compassion and empathy towards your patients. Loving and taking care of self is part of that process. I enjoyed watching her fall in love even with her dowdy looks. Also watching her turn into a beautiful and confident women was amazing. So come read a story about a handsome doctor who notices the ugly duckling.
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