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neha200 Rating
This is one of the better harlequins I have read. The characters are lovable, the art is beautiful and plot is endearing. I felt all of Corrine's emotions come through the story and felt very connected to her. Rafaello was indeed a great father and that made me even happier that he and Corrine were bound by fate.
Weeb4Life Rating
I agree, definitely one of the better Hq stories. I loved all the characters, they all had incredible depth and development, and each was unique and likeable in their own special way, but my favourite is definitely Corinne. She's so kind and compassionate, a devoted mother to all her children and a loyal friend; she's been through a lot and has never belonged or been wanted anywhere, and her silent sorrow and low self-esteem keep yanking violently on my heartstrings. I really like that she wasn't already in love with the lead male before their marriage (and especially not while her best friend was alive), I'm sick of that trope and I'm glad that both leads were on the same page emotionally the whole time (even if they don't always realise it). All round just a charming, feelgood story that left me feeling warm and satisfied, and wanting to hug someone. Can't recommend it enough!
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