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chicobaby04 Rating
who would have thought getting together were going to be that easy lol. anyway virginia looked for moretti brothers in order to break the curse there need to be a child born by festa, moretti family this is really interesting story. theres this and two other series i have read this one and one other so far well i like this one better/
flyflip87 Rating
Haven't come across too many romance/fantasy stories I was interested in reading, so glad I gave it a shot. The plot about a cursed family because of a unforgivable breakup, I loved it. And SPOILER ALERT if you don't want to know more until you read it yourself, stop reading this and start reading the manga. I just love the plot twist of a reversed curse. The curse that was originally cast had also effected the family of the caster. Witches are one of my favorite supernatural beings and always enjoy the littler changes of how the are portrayed in different stories. I really encourage you all to read it and then read the next 2 books following it. Definitely worth 5 Stars!
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