User Reviews For: The Spanish Aristocrat's Woman Sons of Privilege 3


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chicobaby04 Rating
i really enjoyed reading this. gui did really wonderful job of winning kara back. im glad gui were able to wake up before its too late. the book gui made were adorable and well if it was me in her shoe i would melt and forgive him on the spot probably lol what can i say? im a sucker for fairy tale story
neha200 Rating
Awesome! Very cute, just like the other stories in this series. It's great to see these playboys finally fall in love so hard and so fast that they can't even tell they're in love. I did hate Gui for a bit though. His indecisiveness and they way he uses kara and then leaves her annoys me. However, find out for yourself how he realizes his feelings and fixes his mistakes (cause let's face it, the guy is always the one at fault).
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