User Reviews For: Forceful Insertion into Such a Tiny Body!? A Mean Boyfriend's Messy Experiment


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LemonMasochist Rating
This was great and really creative, its like Thumblina getting molested in a way...AWESOME AND HOT!!!! READ IT!!!!
BoredAsian Rating
Honey I've shrunk you! In the name of science and curiosity your boyfriends gives you a pill saying its the next best thing in order to get a healthy body, what do you do? Well i'll tell you what his girlfriend took it. Results? She's going to have a no problems fitting into her clothes as they are now the size of a massive blanket. Read this manga to find out how this strange couple get through their "little" problem. I loved this manga it made me laugh, curious and flushed, so you should read it too if you love the involvement o science, hot scenes and of course love. Enjoy!!
Saiyachan Rating
Not worth the money
paintmeblue Rating
Great artwork and a good dose of smut, but for the price I really wish there was a bit more to the story. Highly recommend if you're into the novelty of the tiny girlfriend, but if you're looking for a good story there are better pieces.
Yumeko Rating
So good I just wish there was more but oh my gosh the protagonist here is so lucky I wish I could be in her shoes (although I think that about a lot of characters) the only thing I don't get is why did her clothes shrink
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