User Reviews For: Forced Perversion: Breaking Her In -How Devilish Boys Make Love-


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Nyanko Rating
To be clear, "make love" is misleading here. There story is much more about obsession and humiliation, with a convoluted story arc that really makes no sense. The characters have no real consistency or personality, so it's hard to care about them. The artwork is fine, but not particularly memorable. The story is devoid of heat, unless you count the hot tears of shame I got for paying $ to read this.
Capitulate Rating
Been eyeing this one for awhile because I like butlers, but this one didn't really do it for me. It didn't make a whole lot of sense, and I didn't find either of the guys all that appealing. I also could not relate to the heroine at all. I know this wasn't meant to be fun, but it wasn't even romantic or sexy to me either.
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