User Reviews For: Gulping Nurse -It's Time for Your Midnight Rounds-


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oathbreaker1 Rating
It was okay the story includes the good upstanding student who is making ends meet by his side job. While you have your bored with life why am i awake guy he is the sadist of the two so you can tell who the other one is. they do not hit it off when they first meet. But you can tell they each have something they need from each other. I just felt the characters were not as fleshed out as they could of been. It is okay to read but did not really keep my attention all the time.
shirohime Rating
The story is good and wish there was more to the story like they meet some trouble when they finally settle down.... But the way they meet each other and how it end it was really interesting though!!!!!
yuzuru Rating
This was so cute! The art is beautiful! I really hope to see more work from this artist!
linaluna00 Rating
Good side dish, but that's it. It's pwp btw, you can see it from the cover so I'm not gonna judge it by plot. I wish they have bar censorship instead od lightabers though.
sakueva Rating
It's a good story with a mix of everything you want - yaoi, hot guys, and secrecy. It's a truly exciting story.
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