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chicobaby04 Rating
the king is completely different than any other king in stories i have read. he seems to think family first then image 2nd or atleast thats how i look at it. i really enjoyed this story very much. its good that emily's sister miranda were able to be real violinist all thanks to alessasndro. im glad alessandro were able to catch emily in time before losing her for good. this is really good story i recommend this manga
oathbreaker1 Rating
I love all things Italian since i lived there at one time. The heroine is amazing she is strong and compassionate. She wants to take care of her family which leads to a misunderstanding at first. The hero cares for his family just as much as she does this is what they both have in common. As in real life the path to true love is paved with bumps along the way but it is well worth getting to the ending. My only fault was it is too short. As they say in Italy,Ciao!
Weeb4Life Rating
A really enjoyable read with incredibly likeable characters. I especially love the king, he's such a devoted family man and always ready to chew out his son whenever he's being (unintentionally) inconsiderate towards the female lead. The romance between the two leads is very sweet, I was rooting for them the whole time.
lovemekyoya Rating
Love the idea of a prince falling in love with someone after they got married...... :-D
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