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mariais28 Rating
O my goodes this story was soo good I love it soo much I can't wait to see the next story
Bookworm Rating
The cover doesn't do justice with the artwork inside. Most male leads in Renta are supposedly 20-something year old characters but look like 40 year old. The male lead in THIS manga really look like a pre-adult college student--young, hot & so bishounen! The girl is pretty darn cute and innocent too. She stays faithful to her current boyfriend & does NOT easily submit to the main guy's advances. It isn't like a lot of the love-triangles here where the girl suddenly falls in love w/ the guy who sexually assaults her & then dumps the good boyfriend. Also, the main guy doesn't literally force himself on the main girl until she later realize herself that she has feelings for him. In the beginning, the main guy simply just try to seduce her w/ foreplay--oral sex & all. The sexual content is indeed very stimulating. The majority of the pleasuring is done mostly ON the female. Lots of fingering if I do say so myself. Overall, I think this manga is THE BEST one under the Love category.
sakueva Rating
Nice plot and art...obviously. The story doesn't progress that fast and has a little cliffhanger at the end of every chapter...makes you want to read more to find out what is going to happen! I definitely recommend this manga!
Hiaya123 Rating
I really love the story of this manga and the main characters relationship. The back story is between the two is cute and romantic. I cannot stop reading please more update! XD
symbolee Rating
What a great, spicy, hot love manga! The art is on point and the story doesn't feel rushed. It's actually a pretty good story, just enough resistance and assertion that you don't feel like the female lead's one of those pushover, weak protagonists. The males though! Super hot! I thoroughly loved it! Or them lol 😜
nikkininja Rating
Easily top 5 of my favorites on this site. Great character development, and omg.. an actual story line! ^_^ Highly recommend checking this one out.
LKO Rating
The art is good but I found the characters boring. I couldn't connect with them I suppose so it wasn't very interesting to me. No one had much of a personality. I only read the first one and decided not to continue but if I ever am searching for a read and can't find anything else I might try the next volume.
Poisonpink Rating
It's abit expensive for each chapter but it's definitely worth the tickets because it had GOOD art and story plot and there are ALOT of spicy scenes! I feel pity for Yuiko's boyfriend Hiroki...Hiroki is too nice to let Yuiko go to let her be with Aoi...there is another childhood friend Shuji, who seem to be in love with Yuiko too...I can't wait to read the following chapter~
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