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carrotlime Rating
A headstrong woman finding her soulmate and a awesome man finding his. Loved that he knew who she was from the start but never divulged since it made her swirl with conflicting emotions between the continued lying or revealing the truth. One flaw in this manga that I could think of is the last part where the male lead did not look as awesome as he was throughout the manga when he covered by the headgear.
1ch1me Rating
After I read the preview for this manga, I knew, in my mind, I had to read this now! Then, as I finished it, I thought to myself, "Wow! Now that was a fantastic story between an "Arabian Casanova" and a "Princess with Many Lovers!" The first few pages indicated how fierce Princess Nicolette looked but, she was so cute when she became flustered upon seeing King Malik for the first time! For King Malik, no doubt, he looks really gorgeous and I just love it when he blushes! Well, you got to see/read this wonderful harlequin manga if you're wondering how these two people fell for each other and how did the story flow with a set-up where Princess Nicolette had to pretend to be her older sister Chantal!? Was King Malik disappointed when he finally learned the truth? Well, it was a very well-written story I must say! I totally enjoyed reading every pages of it! It is undoubtedly a MUST READ! 5 stars for the awesome story and Rin Tanaka's artwork was really great! I totally recommend it!
Rose36 Rating
This was one of the best stories I have ever read! The main character is a princess who is going to marry a king. The king is expecting her sister, but the sister does not want to get married. So the princess impersonates her sister, and goes to the king. Through the whole manga you think you know what's going on, but the mangaka throws a wonderful twist at the end!
Lovebug23 Rating
Wow this story! It's beyond amazing. I love it and the sister is so brave! The king is so handsome. Great story and drawings. Love entire thing. Hopefully there be another one related to this one.
chicobaby04 Rating
i thought it was an cute and heartfelt story it was wrong of nic to deceive or rather she thought she did, and it was wrong of chantal and malik to deceive her too but im glad they were able to get together and fall in love with each other without any complication i love how she declared her first order as queen down on malik at wedding i agree with nic malik does look handsome no matter what hes wearing
lovemekyoya Rating
Wat a love story that makes anyone goes awwwwwwww I loved it so much by the fact that he tricked her even though it's always been her that he loved from the beginning
hiddenmica Rating
This is seriously one of my favorite on the site. The art is amazing, the story is amusing as it is romantic, the twist at the end is believable as are the reactions, and everything ties together so perfectly. I would highly recommend this to anyone as one of the best.
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