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Sakurako somehow traveled to the future from the Meiji era, meeting a man who looks like her fianc辿! The man is spicy naughty and teases her constantly unlike her fianc辿!Love the story! Very spicy, not too much sex scenes, just a lot of teasing on his part on the poor innocent girl.Love this sweet, spicy story, highly recommended, worth the money!
She became a manager to her favourite music duo, got more than she expected! Her passion to want the best for Quiche (group name) has moved them, so they gave her a reward for her
It is a very sweet story. Mao is a pure, soft girl; whereas her twin sister Rio is firm, confident girl.Mao always loved her boss Yuusei Kuga, so to come face to face with him on a blind date; thanks to her sister, she got more than she expected.In the second chapter, she worries about her new relationship with her boss, because she finds out the
Interesting storyline, the heroine is torn between her best friend and her crush. With the help of her crush's friend, she is more confused.If this is completed at chapter 6, which I hope not! It is a very dissatisfying story, because it does not conclude the story, not revealing if the heroine does go with the crush or the friend. It is still left as a cliffhanger.Please let there be a chapter 7!
Manami, an innocent office girl was tricked into a pyramid scheme, making her own a large number of adult goods. Manami tries to sell the toys to her colleague, but her CEO boss caught her, sending her to his office, making Manami explain herself. He then buys all of the adult goods, freeing her of her 3mil yen debt. While Manami celebrates, He has her demostrate on how to use the electric massager, before then showing her the real benefits in his office. After the demostration, he declares that he is buying her since he needs somebody to use the toys on.-It is very sexy story, a sadist who knows how to humiliate and bring pleasure. From showing her the actual benefit of using the electric massager in his office, to the humiliating torture of attending the team meeting with the remote control toy.The scenes are very sexy and very enjoyable, I look forward to the new chapter! Highly recommended to read!!!
Supervisor Natsuki is teaching her colleague Aoba-kun through some paperworks. Natsuki is concerned that he is quiet and anti-social, so she is unsure on how to communicate with him.Walking her way to home, she is stopped and led to a host club, there she meets Aoba-kun; who is sweet and outgoing! Confused and unsure, she drinks with Aoba-kun who goes by the name "Yoh".After a few drinks, she tries to find the bathroom, but stumbles upon the VIP room where the hosts sleeps with the clients! Surprised, she questions Yoh if this is normal for a host club. Yoh explains that it is exclusive to this host club, and asks her if she is interested in taking him home. Yoh teases her, making her wanting more.-It is a sweet yet sexy story, I enjoyed Aoba/Yoh transformation between his day and night job. The scene where Yoh spilled his drink onto Natsuki's top was sexy and exciting. Yoh isn't a sadist, he is a tease, knowing how to make you want him more.It is a steady, satisfying story and a very enjoyable read. Highly recommended!
The main character Momoi admires her boss: the director. She made a mistake in over ordering the products and the director helps her, making them work late into the night: Overtime.Late into the night, she readily pleasures him, having an intense night together in the office.The intro goes straight to the hot love scene, before we then learn a little about the main character Momoi. She is a likeable airhead and a masochist, she loves her boss so it is nice to see the main character readily fall for her partner instead of shying away from him as the scene where they work overtime shows.Short, sexy and very satisfying! Highly recommended to read!
The Main Character is actually a hostess, so in her job she meets the older man who is her favorite author and is attracted to. After spending the night together, she discovers that he has a son. Feeling sad, she spends the night at her boyfriend's house to forget about the older man. Unfortunately his father comes home early, finding out that he is the older man!I enjoy this manga! We have the kind, caring boyfriend, and the domineering older man of her boyfriend's father whom gets her heart excited. This is a very exciting love triangle!The scenes are sexy and the story keeps you engaged. I can't wait for the next chapter!
It is an interesting storyline with the expected twist in the end.The heroine wants to lose her virginity to a hottie.As she gets close to losing her virginity, she runs away and chooses a new hottieto try to lose her viriginity to.The scenes were very sexy, I love the different types of hottie she chose to be with for the night.It is a short story, but very enjoyable!
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