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frozen Rating
This is such an awesome story she ends up with the guy to help the family out and then....... she finds out how much she loves him and he finds out he can't live without her and he saves the dog too boot. I must say this is a very well done manga and an awesome read for anyone, I bet you will laugh as much as I did.
1ch1me Rating
I have been looking forward to reading this harlequin manga! The preview just did not let my imagination go any further to what happens to their love story, and so I decided to read it! What a way to start Angelo's revenge! He's going to use Gwenna for everything she's worth! He wants her and so he decided to make her his "mistress" then he'll gladly withdraw the charges against her father! Gwenna's mother was also a mistress, she did not agree with him at first, but gave in because she wants to return the favor from her dad! Anyways, I would love to share more, but it's better when you read it yourself because it is a fantastic story! All I can say about the story is that I love every character: from Gwenna to Angelo to Toby to Franco & my favorite character, Piglet (this dog is the cutest!), I also love the flow of the story, the ending made me cry of happiness! 2 Thumbs up! Artwork is just as fantastic like how the story was written, so I rate it 5 stars! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!
lovemekyoya Rating
Omg wat a love story of being rejected and then falling in love and then not knowing wat to do but that's love in general it is unspected
bethelove Rating
What sweet story read - Gwenna is very sweet character to read about..
chicobaby04 Rating
this is about a good heart and little naive daughter trying to do something for her father at first i thought whats got in her head going into same path as her mother did, but im glad it took a turn for better though
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