User Reviews For: I'll Even Take Care of Dad! A Hot Male Nursery Teacher Goes Berserk


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Pinkydie123 Rating
I give this story five stars , I love how the author put sex in all the right places this is a must read totally recommend
Rbond Rating
This is a cute little one shot/short story. The smut scenes are very short and not very explicit. The storyline may feel rushed to some readers because of the books length (full story in over 40 pages) but the author provides enough background on the characters for the ending to feel complete.
LMonster2 Rating
I liked this story. It's short but sweet and how can you not like a guy who wants to do so much for the one he loves or a person who wants to share that responsibility. Hot!
MangaSekaiichi Rating
This is a AWESOME MANGA. This is one of my favorite manga's. Nice job Guys!!! :)
Argo Rating
I'd really like to see this turn into a series, or at the very least have a sequel! Really good story!
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