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oathbreaker1 Rating
Okay let me clear something up the air force is not like this if it was i think more people would stay longer. That being said two hot steamy pilots hitting on the same girl wow glad its a fantasy because that was pretty intense. So enjoy reading but please take it a little bit at a time
Bookworm Rating
WOW. I can't believe I didn't try this series out even though I've been seeing it here since a long time ago. Mainly because I was initially turned off by the price, like seriously?! 4 tickets per 3 chapters?! I also stopped for awhile after the first chapter because I didn't really like the art. But after having nothing else to read, I decided to give this a go. And who would have thought, I ended up LOVING THIS. In fact, ADDICTED to this even. I literally spent almost $50 in one day because I JUST COULDN'T STOP READING! As in every. single. chapter was very erotic and stimulating, probably the best smut scenes I've seen in a long time despite some awkward positions and disproportional body parts. BUT, the art literally began to improve about halfway through. It also had me laughing out loud in some parts like the "robot" comedy relief for the black-haired guy. Of course some female "rivals" also shows up and for some people, it may be annoying but I actually ended up liking these (3) female rivals (even this one other 3rd male character rival for the 2 male leads) because these characters actually have depth and aren't so obsessively clingy like most "rivals" are often portrayed. It goes to show that every character still has a life outside this twisted romance. What I love most of all is that the two male leads have a fairly equal standing on getting the female lead which is what I absolutely love for a LOVE-TRIANGLE story. Though it may seem repetitive, I must argue that the love triangle IS the central theme of the series, thus it LAST throughout the entire story and I love that because it does NOT end so easily with her picking one in the first few chapters. I mean, what's the point of making a story a love triangle if you already know who the girl is going to end up with anyway, right?
SeaChild13 Rating
Highly entertaining and very interesting I think if the air force was really like this then more people would join.Anyways this is kind of 50 shades of grey kinky but with 3 people and it happening on a air force base and they torment her.A good smutty romance over all though.Take it in slowly and hoped this helped you!.
TsubasaTori Rating
Dai and Nagu will soon have you falling for them as hard as Miruku is!! It has the perfect amount of sweet and ecchi. I do recommend reading the volumes slowly. I admit it leaves you wanting more, but if you binge read then the actions soon seem repetitive.
Divaluver Rating
love the series! funny sexy and has a good story line. I am not a fan for love triangles but the characters are hot so I guess I can deal. Only wish the female lead be a litte more head strong but one can only hope.
Pandorarose3 Rating
Love the series. Had put it into my wish list when I first joined knowing 4 tickets per volume was too much money at the time for me to spend. However the story is WELL worth the price of the tickets. I can not wait till the next volume comes out. I also hope the item in the box will be revealed.
sakueva Rating
Set in a air force base with two top dog air force soldiers interested in you. Plus, the two soldiers have different take when with you so you get twice the fun as any other manga out there. Here's a two-in-one manga with a dash of hot uniformed guys as a extra!
SilverDalia37 Rating
I really did enjoy these two mangas and hope for a continued series. Yes, some things may not happen on a typical air base as they do in the story; howevef, its still a great read!
kitten91 Rating
I love the author and her work is usually mindblowing, and I thoroughly enjoy The Gaurds Relentless Patdown, but this story is boring and I dont like the art style!
Stella Rating
Not as much smut as I was expecting this to be. It's probably because it's a slow build, but I can't tell for sure at this point. I regret buying it. Not only does it cost a lot for just 1 chapter, but if I want the whole thing, I have to pay a ton for the story. Overall a disappointing wait.
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