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chicobaby04 Rating
another example of employer and employee relationship, atleast this one didnt turn out bad like others in general though it did at first, he was an jerk but im glad he snapped out of that. not sure how the title is right for this story though because i dont see anything that is so scandal about the pregnancy, or at least thats my opinion. its pretty good.
prettycutie1201 Rating
The story is very interesting, how the housekeeper and boss cross the line and fall in love, have a child & got married! There's a misunderstanding with the guy and his mother that cause a quite argument with the leading lady but at the end love prevailed! A big round of applause to the author! Great artwork and story! Highly recommended!
neha200 Rating
The story was okay, just your typical cliche hq. Rafael was pretty detestable, and I'm not talking about the part of him that was a playboy millionaire. Louisa was not your typical damsel in distress; she was however your typical heroine hurt from having a previous lover stolen by her sister (okay maybe the sister part is not so typical). Regardless, she did not deserve to be treated the way she was and it was totally understandable that she hid her pregnancy, seeing what he did when he had both of them. Honestly, I was so glad his mother slapped some sense into him, literally. Decent story, intense drama.
lovemekyoya Rating
the only thing I really like is the whole pregnant women falling for the a guy and then the guy denies the baby but then all the love turn out wonderful in the end recommend it
matrixlord101 Rating
its my type of anime and i recommend it
bethelove Rating
Louisa is very strong character - able to get through that man walls with the help from his mother. Great to read here...
Nishikadochan Rating
I can't say I recommend this. The art is pretty and the plot is alright, but I really can't stand the male lead. He treats Louisa horribly on a number of occasions. While she does stand up to him some of the time, she puts up with far too much of his abuse. Considering some of his behavior, she really shouldn't have forgiven him, or been willing to trust him with her child again.
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