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neha200 Rating
That was very nice for a harlequin! For once the guy wasn't a total dimwit. In fact, I liked him very much. And the relationship between the main characters progressed at a very realistic for the insecurities they BOTH had, it was perfect. And who doesn't love happy endings after a dramatic climax?
chicobaby04 Rating
I really love this story its pretty good I really recommend this manga. its a touchfelt story, im glad they were able to come over the obstacles in end and work things out.
lovemekyoya Rating
I love it so much I can't express it in words..... No until you read the story will you understand how much I love it and I'm wishing that's theirs a party 2 even though I know there isn't yay love
oathbreaker1 Rating
Now that is a way of stopping a wedding at the last moment the wedding planner at that. Well she ended up marrying the other one because the one she first started to marry was no good for her or her future husband. Really I was so glad that they hit it off so well. Please enjoy the drawings and story because it is a good one oh yeah the cousin is really good at playing evil dude.
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