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kay4120 Rating
I somehow felt tricked by reading the reviews and believed this story would be nothing but great. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't anywhere near great. I liked how it started and how fierce the female main character was. The development on how she decided to cast away her pride slowly was good, as she admitted she needed the help, however not so much development on the romance part as it happened too abrupt. Moving on, my personal opinion as a women of the male main character is that I find him as a total a**hole. I understand his issue but the personality didn't seem lovable to me and makes me question why the female main character likes him? Sure he got a good face and he did change his attitude at the end when the misunderstanding was cleared. However Due to poor character development and poor illustration on how he change made me dislike this manga.
1ch1me Rating
It's just as the synopsis had stated and the preview, too, shows how Jane Sherwood managed to punch Ryan Blair. Ryan is Jane's worst enemy. He drove Jane's family company to bankruptcy. After she walked out of the party, she was chased by Ryan, then suddenly kissed her on the lips. And there was paparazzi who took photos of them together. Ryan kissed her, so that the incident would look like they're just having a lovers' spat. Moving on, if you want to know what exactly happened at Ryan's wedding and who was the "mysterious mistress" was, then how about reading this wonderful harlequin manga to find out! I enjoyed reading it! It was exciting, sad & happy moments on some parts and lots of things that happened. The ending was AWESOME! The story and artwork were really wonderful, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
macrosschick Rating
I could not get into this story at all. Such disappointing characters. In fiction, don't mind women being submissive or men being alpha up until point, but this takes the cake. There was nothing redeeming about either of the main characters based on their interactions. He was a creep and she was just plain idiotic. A complete waste of time and tickets. 2 stars for the artwork.
lovemekyoya Rating
She's so independent but when she falls in love she had to rely on someone n she hurt herself by punching the person she loves but she confessed in the end and the are together yay her
chicobaby04 Rating
sad that he had to go after her for everything she owned but funny thing is she probably ended up getting most back lol, storyline is great I love it, its pretty good I recommend this manga
oathbreaker1 Rating
Let me say this both of these character's are over the top in there emotions and actions. She only wanted to help her friend but it ended up back firing on her. He was going to get revenge on her father through her by taking away everything she had even her pride. When does hate turn to love in your heart I struggled with this one because i do not know if i could ever put my pride aside. That he begin to see not only was a victim but she was to. And that punch was awesome in itself. The war of the sexes who knew it could be so delicious. And don't miss the beautiful drawing in this manga either
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